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Your packaging is integral to how people see your products and your brand.

Great packaging is far more than just manufacturing a box. It’s also more than a convenient way to protect your product and get it safely to the consumer. Great packaging brings safety, portability, protection, sustainability and usability together with clever, compelling design and smart production processes to give you a superior result.

Graphic Press & Packaging provide complete and integrated end to end packaging production. Our in-house graphic designers are structural packaging design experts. All we need is a sample of the product, or the size of the product, and we’ll do the rest. We will work with you at every step of the process, from structural design to visualisation to high quality printing and finishing, to deliver results you will be proud to see on the shelf.

We can produce one-off samples of the actual product too, to test the strength, product fit, look and feel of the finished item. This gives you confidence that you’ll get what you’re expecting.

We’re skilled in producing a broad range of soft packaging in different sizes and on various stock weights and thicknesses (up to 700um). Specialised equipment allows in-line gluing and forming of packaging, from presentation folders to interlocking boxes and side-seam or crash-lock bottom boxes.

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